Frequency inverters, what it is and why its use is important

Frequency inverters for engine

These are mainly electrical devices, which are able to regulate the speed of the motors by their accuracy, when the speed of the alternating current changes without affecting the electric consumption. It is designed to receive the required commands to control the speed. In the following sentences, we will try to explain its purpose of use in the control of the speed of AC motors. The most used frequency inverters work is to change the motor speed due to the change in the frequency or number of poles of the stator. The number of poles is precisely given for each motor, their number is not changeable. However, its speed can be changed by changing the engine speed. However, changing the motor frequency causes an increase in the magnetic supply when the motor draws off a large amount of dangerous currents.

Basic functions of frequency inverters

Frequency inverters and their benefits

Efficiency of frequency inverters

In this case, it is important that the voltage is reduced proportionally along with the frequency in a certain ratio. Failure to do so may result in damage to the motor as the motor is saturated with magnetic power. His work is based on an electric circuit in a frequency unit, which is divided into three stages. As input converter, DC bus and output converter. Manufacturers may change some parts of the frequency converter, but its basics must be the same. It consists of switches that convert the supply voltage to AC voltage. Frequency inverters are electrical devices that can change electrical energy. Changes the AC frequency to a variable frequency current. Simply put, it serves to transform tensions. They are not only used when supplying one device. They can power many devices, such as air conditioners. In the case of a three-phase motor, the speed is regulated and the torque of the AC motor is changed by changing the frequency. This process can increase the efficiency of the overall engine. Their maximum use is represented in industry. Another thing that frequency inverters can do is that the current supplied changes to the required voltage. There are several types of frequency inverters, from the simplest to the frequency inverters with more complex functions. Their efficiency is almost up to 100%. Current manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into developing ever better and better frequency inverters. This topic is very extensive and that is why it is important to study it properly. It’s amazing how frequency converters can work, you can be a witness too. If you have any unanswered questions, please visit